Resell Rights Definitions

Here's a brief explanation of the difference between the various types of resell rights as used on the website, and generally around the Internet.


Private Label Rights

Private Label Rights Products (PLR) generally contain all source files such as the original MS Word document, source code (if it's a software product) and maybe the source graphics (usually Adobe Photoshop layered images .PSD files from which the final .jpg and .gif graphic images are created from.

If for instance they're PLR private label rights ebooks, you can then edit the document, and if sufficiently altered put your name on the work. Quite often the originator of the product will let you put your name on the product without changing the document.

The beauty of PLR products is that you can take the product and literally create a new product from it. The technique of rearranging/rewriting the ebook and sales text, creating new graphics and renaming the product is called "Flipping".

You could of course turn the ebook into an audio book and increase it's value even more.

If you wanted to increase the value even more, you would create a video.

Flipping is an almost certain way to guarantee big profits as you are creating your own UNIQUE product.  As such you can charge whatever you like, and distribute whatever rights you wish.

Private Label Rights Products on the website usually come with a license file or terms and conditions. Where a PLR product does NOT have a license, you can do ANYTHING you wish with it except claim copyright.

You can pass on the PLR (Private Label Rights) as well.  You should check the individual license terms for further clarification.

With a PLR private label product you could for example omit the source document/code/graphics and pass the product onto your customers with MRR (Master Resell Rights) or Resell Rights or no rights whatsoever.  You could then charge them for the PLR Rights to the product.


Master Resell Rights

Master Resell Rights (MRR) generally means that you can do 1 of 2 things depending on the license or terms and conditions that came with the product.

If the license said Master Resell Rights (MRR) are transferable, this means that you can pass on MRR to your customer who in turn can pass Master Resell Rights onto their customer who could then pass MRR on to their customer etc.

If the license said Master Resell Rights are non-transferable this will usually mean that you can only sell the resell rights to others, but they can not resell the resell rights to their customers. In other words once their customers have bought the product they cannot sell it on to anyone else.

Master Resell Rights products usually do not let you alter anything, hence no original source files are included. You are nearly always allowed to add your name, and certainly your payment information on the sales page in order to sell it. Always remember to check the individual product license.

If no product license is included with a Master Resell Rights product on the website, you can do pretty much anything with it except claim copyright and authorship of the product.


Branding Rights

If a product comes with Branding Rights you may alter the product with your own personal data. This can range from just adding your website URL or name, to adding your affiliate links in side the product.

Nearly all products that come with Branding Rights have a small piece of software that accompanies them called a "Brander".  This piece of software enables you to add your website URL/Name/and or change some of the links in the product file and "brand" them with your affiliate links.

In nearly all cases the products to be branded will be ebooks usually in PDF format.

Remember to read the accompanying product branding rights license for any specific licensing terms.


Resell Rights

Resell Rights Products (RR) are products that you you can add your name and payment information to the sales letter and sell the product.

Anyone who purchases the product from you CANNOT resell it. It is for their own use only. You should not include the sales letter with the product they receive.

Remember to read the accompanying product license for any specific licensing terms related to the Resell Rights Products.


Give Away Rights

Products with Give Away Rights (GAR) can be distributed freely, and do not have to be sold. You may of course sell them if you wish.

Remember to read the accompanying product license for any specific licensing terms.


Personal Use Rights

Personal Use Rights products cannot be resold, and are for your own use only.

You cannot redistribute the product in any way whatsoever.

Remember to read the accompanying product license for any specific licensing terms.




This pretty much covers the private label rights, master resell rights, branding rights, resell rights, giveaway rights and personal use rights for products you will find at and indeed any other products you may find on the Internet.


This ensures that YOU receive the original quality product, and it has not been messed around with or contaminated with viruses, adware, or any other malicious software by third parties.

This also guarantees that you receive the ORIGINAL LICENSE TERMS, and that they have not been changed in any way, thus avoiding any very costly LEGAL issues that may arise by purchasing through Third Parties.


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