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Product #1

"Niche Marketing Master Course"


Instant Profits In Any Niche Market

Get the FULL facts on niche marketing, learn how to conduct research, evaluate specific niches, how to create products and tons of insider information that no-one else is sharing! 

If you don't know where to start but would like to end up being a Niche Marketing Genius this is the book you want to read first . . .

You can do anything you want with this content... 

Resell the articles as they are, create brand new Ebooks, special reports, eCourses or add them to your web site or newsletters.

Master Resell Rights Value $97.00


Product #2

"Niche Modulator Power Script"

Boost Your Niche Profits With This Amazing Power Script

Increase your order conversions and sign ups to your newsletter by up to 400% with this ultimate Niche Marketing Power Script.

Niche Modulator is a one time install, cgi script that enables you to generate on the fly headings, sub headings, site welcome messages, subscription form headings and more based on exactly the same search terms used by your site visitor when they found your site.

Works with 20+ Major search sites including Google, Yahoo, AltaVista . .

Whatever your customer was searching for they'll find your site the PERFECT answer - Sneakier than Dick Dastardly but perfectly above board as far as search engine rules and regulations go.

Master Resell Rights Value $97.00


Product #3

"How To Make Your Pigeons
Fly Faster"


...And Other Niche Market Titles

This is a great report that reveals how to easily locate niche markets and then develop best selling titles for your niche products.  You'll also find some great sources of niche marketing titles with resell rights.

You get the low down on selling to niche markets and the easy way to prepare niche packages from resell rights products.

Master Distribution Rights Included


Product #4

"Million Dollar Niches"

How To Grow Rich In Any Niche

One Of The Best Niche Marketing Guides Ever Written.

This is an amazing bonus - not only will you be able to learn directly from the book yourself but you will also be able to resell it and offer the Master Rights to your customers too! 

Master Rights Value $497.00


Product #5

"Niche Fortune Exposed

How To Amass A Huge Fortune
In Any Niche

"Niche Fortune Exposed!" reveals a simple system you can take to the bank with in any niche you choose... The information revealed here can make you very rich. 

 “Simple 4-Step Formula Finally Reveals The Truth To Amassing A Huge Fortune From ANY Niche By Lunch Tomorrow - 100% Guaranteed”  

Master Resell Rights Value $97.00


Product #6

"Build Huge Niche Keyword Lists"

Niche Keyword Research Made Easy

If you want to build large niche keyword lists real quick and using FREE tools then thus is for you!  Discover step-by-step exactly how to do it with the help of this amazing video enhanced eBook. 

If you're looking for proven ways to create and grow niche keyword lists, this eBook will save you days, even weeks, of frustrating and tiring research. 

Master Resell Rights Value $24.95


Product #7

"A Life On Fire"

Get Your Thinking Straight
And Your Life In Order

Through this inspirational collection of cover story interviews with some of the most successful, brilliant authors and speakers of our time you will get a taste of how dedicated they are to giving you the knowledge and inspiration for living a life of balanced abundance.

In this book you have one of the best and most effective ways to get aligned with your life purpose by spending time with people who have been remarkably successful at living theirs.  This is a perfect gift for your own customers and subscribers.

Master Distribution Rights Included


Product #8

"Download Page Generator"


Create Download And Thank You Pages In Just Seconds!

This is the Lazy Reseller's dream come true.  Simply fill in the blanks and create instant ready made, download / thank you pages. 

That are specially designed to be NON Spiderable.

With this simple program what used to take anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour will take less than a minute. 

Master Resell Rights Value $9.95


Product #9

"Webmaster FX - Atomic FTP"


The Fast And Easy Way To Transfer Files To Your Website

With the massive number of profitable new products you'll be upload to your web site over the coming months - I chose this incredible FTP software program as a special bonus to make everything as easy as possible.

I love this program - to find out more Click Here (opens in a new window)

Note:  This Bonus Is For Your Own Use Only And Cannot Be Resold!

Value $27.00


Product #10

"Easy Link Expire Script"


Increase Your Sales
Tons Of Cool Features

One of the BEST ways to get your customers to pay you RIGHT NOW -is to use expirable links!  The script is equipped with a state-of-the-art link processor that will allow you to program your website links at will.  You can set your links to expire on a certain day and time OR you can set them to expire after a certain number of clicks have been received.

Your potential clients and customers will go to your sales pages right away if they are interested and you have a "set-in-stone" deadline to go by!

Mask your affiliate links so no one can steal your commissions.  Track your advertising campaigns.  Give deadlines on your special sales to increase impulse buys.  Use to distribute downloadable files.  Use the custom html pages to direct customers to your new offer once an old offer expires!

Master Resell Rights Value $97.00


Product #11

"Easy Resell Plus"


Quick And Easy Way To Customize
Your Mini Sites

Automatically updates the payment links in any mini site, ready for you to take payments.  Even if there are lots of links scattered around the page, you can update the site instantly, just by pressing a button.

The software works by scanning a file and showing you a list of the links in it.

You choose a link to replace and enter your own new link.

If you use ClickBank as your payment service, your new link will even be created for you. All occurrences of the original link are then replaced instantly and the updated file saved automatically. 

Easy Resell Plus can be used for much more than updating resell mini sites. It can be used with any document or web page where you want to replace an existing link with a different link.

Master Resell Rights Value $27.00


Product #12

"Instant Cover Creator"


Instantly Create Templates And Covers

It is a proven fact that professional graphics help to increase the conversion on your website.  They increase the perceived value of your product and turn more of your website visitors into customers!

Just create a stunning new cover for your ebook and software programs.

Creating your own covers is as easy as 1,2,3... just a few clicks and you are done.

Click a template
Pick a couple of graphics
Add a headline and a sub heading
Click create
Click 'n Save . . . Job done!

Master Resell Rights Value $27.00




ALL The Products In This Module
INCLUDED In The Incredible NicheEmpires Package